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10 tips to handle competitive exam pressure

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We live in a very competitive world, where students have to go through various competitive exams to get admission into prestigious institutions of the country. Exam seasons are stress generators for many students. Especially when it comes to competitive exams, they go through a lot of stress and pressure. Students coming from typical Indian middle-class family go through lots of extra stress and tension thinking about their parental expectations, fear to face failure, peer pressure etc.

But worrying about the exam is not a good habit to practice. When the exam dates for competitive exams are arriving, you must work on boosting their concentration and confidence. Instead of overthinking about the results and your preparation levels, you should rather calm and revise the topics.

How to reduce exam stress?

Here are some 10 tips to deal with competitive exam pressure, stress and anxiety.

1. Take a deep breath and relax:

This is the most important thing you can do to calm yourself down. When you are stressed, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid, which makes it harder for oxygen to reach your brain. Deep breathing helps bring more oxygen into your body and calms you down by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It also sends signals to the brain that all is well in the world!

2. Exercise regularly:

Exercising releases endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in our bodies that help us deal with stress better than anything else does! So if you have time on hand, go out for a brisk walk or jog every day – this will not only keep anxiety at bay but also improve your health overall! If exercising isn’t possible due to lack of time or other reasons, try doing some yoga poses instead – they work just as well!

3. Eat healthy food:

Eating junk food when we are stressed can make things worse because it causes spikes in blood sugar levels followed by crashes later on; this leads to mood swings and irritability which further aggravates stress levels! Instead of eating junk food when under pressure, eat foods like fruits & vegetables that contain antioxidants & vitamins that boost immunity & fight free radicals; these foods also help reduce inflammation caused by stress so they are great for keeping anxiety at bay too! Also, remember not to skip meals while studying – having regular meals keeps energy levels up throughout the day so there’s no need for snacking between meals either…which means less chance of overeating during exam time!! 😉

4. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is the best way to recharge your batteries and get rid of stress! When you are stressed, it’s hard to fall asleep because your body produces more adrenaline than usual; this makes you feel restless & anxious which further increases stress levels! So make sure that you go to bed early every night so that you can wake up fresh in the morning – a good night’s sleep will help keep anxiety at bay!!

5. Take time out for yourself:

It’s important not to neglect yourself when under pressure – take some time off from studying every day and do something fun like going shopping or watching a movie with friends…anything that helps relax & unwind! This will also give your brain a break from all the information it has been absorbing over the past few days/weeks/months, which will help improve concentration levels too! 😉

6. Don’t compare yourself with others:

Comparing ourselves with others only leads us down an unhappy path where we end up feeling inadequate about our own abilities; instead of comparing ourselves with others, focus on improving our own performance instead – this way we can be proud of what we have achieved rather than being disappointed by what someone else has done better than us!! 🙂 Also, remember that everyone is different and there is no one right answer for everything…so don’t worry if someone does better than you in exams or gets into college before you do – just work harder next time around so that YOU can beat them next year!!! 😀

7. Don’t take things personally:

When we are stressed, it’s easy to get upset over small things that don’t really matter in the long run; for example, if someone doesn’t reply to your text message or cancels a meeting at the last minute…it can be very upsetting but remember that these people have their own problems too and they might not have had time to reply/cancel because of something else going on in their lives! So instead of getting angry with them, try being more understanding & forgiving – this will help you deal with stress better!! 😉

8. Take breaks from studying:

It is important not to study for hours on end without taking any breaks – doing so only leads us into ‘information overload mode’ where our brains stop absorbing information properly and start shutting down instead! So make sure you take regular breaks while studying (at least once every hour) by going out for a walk or having some fresh air…this will help keep anxiety at bay as well as improve concentration levels!! 🙂 Also, remember not to cram before an exam – this only makes it harder for your brain to absorb information later on when you need it most! Instead, spread out your revision over several days so that there is enough time between each session; this way all the information gets absorbed properly and stays in your memory longer too!! 😀

9. Keep yourself busy:

If you find yourself thinking about exams all day long even after revising hard during the day…then chances are that you aren’t keeping yourself busy enough! Try doing other fun activities like watching movies/TV shows or playing games online when you aren’t revising; also go out with friends whenever possible so that there is less chance of worrying about exams!!! 😀 Remember though, don’t do anything which distracts from studies completely – just do something lighthearted which keeps anxiety at bay but doesn't leave any room for worries either!!! 😉

10. Don’t give up:

If you are feeling stressed out, don’t worry about it too much – just keep going and remember that things will get better soon! 🙂 Also, remember to take a break from studies every once in a while so that your brain can rest & recharge…this way you will be able to tackle exams with renewed energy & enthusiasm!! 😀

So these were my 10 tips for dealing with exam stress, anxiety & pressure; I hope they help you deal with the upcoming exams as well as all other stressful situations in life!!! 😉 Do let me know if they work for you or if there is anything else which helps keep anxiety at bay during tough times…I would love to hear from you!! 🙂

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