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CA preparation is not WHAT you study, but HOW

Get end to end mentorship from qualified CAs and learn HOW

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Friendly & experienced mentors

Mentors are qualified CA (ICAI), ACCA, CFA, CS, have 1-10 yrs of experience and are super friendly!


Access to top-notch content & updates

Stay up to date with content around CA foundation preparation and important updates - all curated by qualified CAs

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Weekly 1:1 sessions with CA mentors

Get on a one on one video/audio call with mentors, plan foundation preparation and talk freely. Progress every single week



Actionable feedback from mentors

Get pin-pointed preparation strategy and feedback from mentors - so that you are never confused and demotivated


Curated CA discussion forums

Be in a student community with only one goal - cracking CA foundation! Get access to curated CA discussion & doubt solving forum with peers and mentors.


Change your mentor on the go

Talk to a mentor whom you relate to and who understands you. Find your match without any disruptions in preparation

Get 65% off in early bird registration

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